Bass Guitar Progress

Today my *sister gave me her 4-string bass to practice with instead of using my electric guitar (which needs to be fixed's missing a few strings and the little things at the bottom to help keep them in place).

I now know the shouting progression in the key of F by heart without needing a reminder. I'm also working on the G scale so that I can work my way up the scale without being confused if someone asks me to play an "F" or an "A#" 0.o
Today I started working on positioning my fingers to play all around on my guitar. I don't have a bass guitar......YET......but I'm using my old electric guitar (that I can't play) to help me prepare for playing the bass guitar. In order to help me practice the bass a little, I've been looking over this pic:
I am able to play a little bit of the "shouting progression" and I can do it without looking ^w^

F G G# A A# D D# E F
F G G# A A# D D# E F
A A# B D D# E F

*(not biological, but we have that type of relationship)

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